Personal Chef

Life is always hectic!

Whether it is school, work, sports or anything else life throws your way. Let us put delicious, economical meals on your table without the hassle of shopping and cooking. We offer menus that fit any person with any budget.

Commuting to work with long hours, single or “culinarily challenged”?

We can prepare meals for one, that are easy to heat and a breeze to clean up. No shopping and best of all no mess in the kitchen. Individual meals that allow you to enjoy something different every night in your own home.

Cooking for one is usually a deterent to having fresh, homemade meals. Our single portion meals are ample enough for the hungry yet small enough to satisfy those who don’t want a large meal. No dirty pots and pans for a bowl of soup or pasta.

Our homemade menu selections can be ordered individually or in multiple portions so you can invite friends over for dinner.


Special dietary needs?

We offer delicious dishes for individuals with dietary challenges like diabetes, high cholesterol, weight loss, allergies and more. We even designed a menu for those who have had Gastric Bypass or Band surgery!